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Are you looking for gift ideas for mechanical engineers or mechanical students? You're at the right place.

This is The Mechanical post and today you would be reading about the 9 best gifts for mechanical engineers in 2021.

9 Cool Gift Ideas for Mechanical engineers in India 2021

Being a mechanical engineering student myself, I can relate to this and thus have prepared a list based on the things we use in our day-to-day life or find it helpful as a mechanical engineering student.

Be it for a birthday gift or for a special occasion the list has something for everyone.

A mechanical engineer loves practical things, so why not gift them one?

Also, not all mechanical engineers want things with gears printed everywhere, so we have prepared a list that caters to a wide range of people and also compliments their creativity. The list has gifts for a wide range of budgets. 

So let's get started!

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9 gifts for mechanical engineers 

  • Fisher Space pen
  • Harissons Sirius backpack
  • Rotring Mechanical pencil
  • Amazfit T-Rex pro
  • Rocket book Fusion
  • Lenovo legion 5 laptop
  • Digital Vernier caliper
  • IBELL Hand Toolkit
  • Books 

#1 Fisher space pen

Have you seen the 3 idiots movie? You might remember the Pen of Viru sahasthrabuddhe a.k.a "The principle"

Well, this isn't the same pen but this pen can also be used in zero gravity at any angle.

It is capable of writing over grease and underwater too! This is a very amazing feature as mechanical engineers come across grease quite often and it tends to be quite messy. 

Be it hot or cold it can easily write. This pen would be a symbol of perfection and a timeless gift!

#2 Harissons Sirius backpack

A good backpack is an ideal choice for a student. According to my experience, in mechanical engineering, you must be ever ready and hence, carry the right things to get the work done.

Along with books, engineers need to carry their laptops, stationery, tools, drafters, assignment files, chargers, power banks, and much more. Therefore, having a spacious backpack like the "Harissons Sirius  Backpack" can be quite useful.

Be it for students or working professionals, this backpack is a reliable companion.

This backpack comes loaded with lots of features that would be very helpful during your student life. 

It's been 5 years now since I have been using "Harisson's brand backpacks". And let me tell you I've changed the backpack only twice in these 5 years. Still today, I am using a Harisson's backpack.

This gives a good idea of the quality and durability of the bags, especially when you consider the very reasonable price point at which they offer 

Unique features of this backpack include:
  • Padded pockets for laptops, power banks, tablets, hard drives, etc.
  • It also comes with different pockets to keep your things well organized.
  • A USB Charging port with 3.5mm audio jack.
  • A key chain holder to carry your keys.
  • An ID card pouch to store important cards.
  • Built-in pocket for waterproof raincover and much more. {alertSuccess}

#3 Rotring Mechanical pencil

Mechanical pencils are the favorite choice for engineers, artists, and designers for drafting and drawing. It's a lifelong companion. 

It will be very useful during your engineering degree. Unlike, conventional pencils, Mechanical pencils have a lot of advantages.

The Rotring 600 is a German mechanical pencil manufacturer that comes with a full metal body with knurled grip with a lead grade indicator

0.5 mm is the preferred lead size of the mechanical pencil.

#4 Amazfit T-rex pro

This is a rugged smartwatch capable of doing a lot of things. During your student life having a good watch comes in handy a lot of times. A rugged watch ensures that it withstands the elements, shocks, and vibrations.

This is no ordinary smartwatch, it comes with 10 ATM water resistance, can withstand temperatures between 70 °C to -40° C, and can track all your fitness activities with inbuilt GPS. 

Unique features of Amazfit T-Rex Pro include:
  • It comes with an SPO₂ sensor.
  • Has a vivid touchscreen AMOLED display.
  • Automatic recognition of exercise.
  • Read notifications and control music directly through it and much more.  {alertSuccess}


#5 Rocket book Fusion

Since my 1st semester, I've been using a diary to quickly take notes or write down important things be it in the classroom or workshop. Also, it helps in sketching down ideas for a project, to plan and organize etc.

This would be a thoughtful gift for a mechanical engineer.

The rocket book is a step ahead. It converts your handwritten notes into a digital copy that you can share with others, or send it to your desktop or store it on the cloud.

Also, another unique feature of this book is that the pages are reusable. Just write with a pilot frixtion pen, scan the barcode, and wipe the page with a damp cloth and you are good to go. The only thing that might bother you is that you can only use pilot frixtion pens with it.

Besides this, it's good for the environment. How cool is that!

#6 Lenovo Legion 5 laptop 

If you are willing to spend on your engineer, then look no further than a laptop. Another, yet powerful tool for a mechanical engineer is a capable laptop. A day doesn't go by without using this machine. 

Be it for using CAD or simulation softwares, assignments, or project reports laptops are really helpful.

Hence, owning a good and powerful laptop that can handle all the power-hungry softwares would be the best thing. 

We have a detailed article on the 9 Best Laptops for mechanical students to help you choose the best one according to your budget. {alertInfo}

Still, if you ask us for a good laptop on a budget and having good power, you must consider the Lenovo legion 5 with an i5 10th gen processor. 

getButton} $text={Check on amazon} $icon={cart} $color={#049372}


  • It comes with a 1TB HDD + 256 GB SSD, which means you will have enough of storage.
  • It has a dedicated 4 GB Nvidia GTX 1650ti GDDR6 graphics card, which will handle software like Autodesk Inventor and Solidwork with ease.
  • It has a 120hz refresh rate IPS display.  {alertSuccess}


#7 Digital Vernier caliper

The measuring instrument a mechanical engineer would use almost every day is none other than a Vernier Caliper.

Vernier Caliper can be stated as the "Mechanical engineer's best friend".

A vernier caliper is a widely used measuring instrument used to measure machine components, jobs prepared on lathe machine, outside and inside diameters of various components, depth of jobs, and much more.

The readings on a conventional vernier are many a times difficult to read for beginners. Hence, a digital vernier is a good option as it directly displays the reading and is easy to use.

It will not only be useful during student life but also be useful while working in the mechanical field.

Mitutoyo is a renowned Japanese multinational corporation specializing in measuring instruments and metrological technology. Hence, this makes it a brand to go with.

In the metrology lab of my college, everything from slip gauges to micrometer screw gauge to vernier caliper all are by Mitutoyo.

There is a high probability that your engineer might have this instrument, so in place of the vernier caliper you can gift him an equally useful, more precise and widely used measuring instrument called "Micrometer screw gauge". {alertInfo}

#8 IBELL Hand Toolkit

If your engineer likes creating things, then this is the option to go for. This kit will help a lot especially when it comes to projects and producing jobs in the workshop.

Although the college workshop has the necessary tools. Many times situations arise that you need tools outside the workshop. This would be your savior of the day. 

This toolbox contains the following basic tool a mechanical engineer would need:
  • A screwdriver with interchangeable bits.
  • Measuring tape
  • Lineman's plier
  • Allen keys
  • Rip claw Hammer
  • Saw
  • Screws and much more.

#9 Books (not textbooks)

A good book is the best gift one can give. Everyone knows how important reading good books are and the value they add to our lives is unimaginable.

We recommend "The design of everyday things  - by Don Norman". This book just changes the way you look at everyday things from a design perspective. This book would be helpful if you further want to go into the design field.

This is just one of the 5 best books for Mechanical engineers to read, do check the others out. {alertInfo}


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This brings us to the end of the 9 cool gifting Ideas for Mechanical engineers. Do let us know your experience after buying the gift, in the comments.

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We'll be back with yet another interesting and helpful article!  


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