What is mechanical engineering ? | simple explanation and guide

What is mechanical engineering ? | simple explanation and guide

Mechanical Engineering involves designing , building , maintaining and upgrading of machines. Now what is this term "Machine". Anything which reduces human efforts is termed to be a machine in simple words, for eg: If you want to travel long distances you would make use of an automobile, which saves time and effort. Here the automobile is a machine. Similarly, there are numerous examples, be it a refrigerator or a fan or a cycle. What does a mechanical engineer do ?

What is Mechanical engineeering ?

Mechanical Engineering is the study of machines and its systems which work together to produce a desired output. -Kaif Badshah

Mechanical is the fundamental branch of Engineering. Now comes the question who must opt for Mechanical Engineering and what to expect to learn from it ?

Well if you are curious and interested in building and learning how things work and how are things made then this is your branch. Also if you love machines then this is the place to be in. 

A Mechanical Engineer is expected to provide end to end solution to the problems by creating things that would benefit others , solve the problem and would be cost effective. 

For this the engineer must know how to design the machine, what materials are required for that purpose, what kind of manufacturing process is required and after that testing the product and then provide maintainance for the same.

Subjects in mechanical engineering

1) Engineering Materials 

An Engineer must be well versed with materials used in the industry. Also it plays an integral part in designing and testing processes.

2) Thermal & refrigeration 

This subject deals with heat processes its dissipation and conservation. Topics like thermal power plants, boiler, condensers, compressors, heat engines etc come under it.

3) Engineering Designing 

By far the most important one as this is the main body and soul of a product. Any mistake in it can either make or break the whole machine.

4) Manufacturing processes 

This subject deals with how different products are manufactured what machines and processes are required to make a raw material a finished product .

5) Quality control 

This subject is related to testing the finished product and ensuring whether the product is up to the set standards or not.

6) Maintainance :

After a product is finished after some time the product may wear out and here the subject maintainance comes in. It teaches to how to ensure the smooth functioning of the product for a prolonged period.

7) Theory of machines (TOM) :

This subject is mostly calculations. The subject Theory of Machines is defined as that branch of Engineering , which deals with the study of relative motion between the various parts of a machine, and forces which act on them. The knowledge of this subject is very crucial for an engineer in designing the various parts of a machine.

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Well this was a brief answer to the question "What is Mechanical Engineering and Why should you opt for it? " Please do let me know what do you think about this post in the comments. 

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