Mechanical engineer salary | The Mechanical post

Mechanical engineer salary | The Mechanical post

Welcome back to The Mechanical post ! Today let's see How much does a mechanical engineer earn? Before starting, we have a post on Who is a Mechanical engineer and what does he do ? just to get a better idea on Mechanical engineering.

If you are reading this article, you must probably be a student who is deciding his / her career. Many students while selecting their career often decide their career on the basis of the average salary a profession offers. However this type of decision is very wrong. Instead one must opt for the profession in which he/her finds interest in.

No matter whether the profession you have chosen is not as popular, or is not in trend you would always excel and continue to progress if you love what you will be doing. Even if initially you aren’t earning much, but with your talent and interest, very soon the sky would be the limit.

So if you still want to know the numbers, then let’s talk numbers

(Note : If you are very interested and have a desire to learn new things and love what you are doing, you could earn way more than you could’ve imagined.)

Desired skills from a mechanical engineer :

  • One must be very good at Engineering design.
  • Good hold over softwares like AutoCad, Solidworks, Ansys etc. (Check out the best engineering softwares used in the industry)
  • Knowledge of Microsoft office is a must.
  • Candidate must have a good practical as well as theoretical base.
  • On field experience is very important.

Mechanical Engineer salary in India 

The top respondents for the job title Mechanical Engineer are from the companies Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Tata Motors and Larsen & Toubro Limited. Reported salaries are highest at General Electric Co (GE) where the average pay is ₹1,225,000. Other companies that offer high salaries for this role include Eaton Corporation and Schlumberger, earning around ₹981,035 and ₹800,000, respectively. Tata Motors pays the lowest at around ₹513,947. HCL Technologies Ltd. and Larsen & Toubro Limited also pay on the lower end of the scale, paying ₹553,494 and ₹567,083, respectively. - source Payscale


1) B-Tech- 25-30k for freshers and ~50k after 4+ years exp.
2) M-Tech- 50-60k for freshers and ~80k after 4+ exp.

COLLEGE: (for B-tech freshers, pvt. cos.)

1) 45-60k for Class-A college.
2) 25-30k for Class-B college.
3) 12-22k for Class-C college.


1) Private Organization- Same pattern as Qualification.
2) Government: (for B-Tech freshers, excl. training, excl. annual allowance, as per 6th pay)
1) Maharatna- ~65k
2) Navranta- ~52k
3) Miniratna- ~37k.

Mechanical engineer salary in USA 

An engineer, who is a newbie, might start at $70,000, working for a non-internet company in a relatively low cost state like Arizona. If they were working for a high-tech company or working in a high cost area, it would be higher than $70,000. An experienced engineer, with 10 yrs of experience, again working in Arizona, could easily be over $100,000.After that, the salary would not go up very fast after about the ten year point.

Based on experience :

  • 1-3  years = $ 70,000-$75,000 annually
  • 5-10 years = $ 100,000-300,000 annually

High paying sectors for mechanical engineers:

  • Oil and petroleum
  • Power generation
  • Steel and aluminium
  • Automobile
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