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Many students have just passed 10th and are wondering wether they must opt for 11th - 12th or diploma. So let's check out.

First let me introduce to you my educational background. I am currently studying in the 3rd year of diploma in mechanical engineering in India. By this time, I got to know the difference between diploma and 11th - 12th. So, here's my observation:

To opt for 11th - 12th is the most popular choice and very well known. If you take this route, it would be a 2 year + 4 year = 6 year package. Which means in order to complete your graduation you would require 6 years out of which 2 years is for 11-12th and 4 years is for your graduation. This route requires you to appear for competitive exams as well as board exams. While doing your 11th - 12 th you don't acquire much practical knowledge. However, your theoritical knowledge would be good.

In diploma you start studying subjects which you would actually study in your graduation right from the begining. You would have an exposure to the industry and your practical knowledge would be strong. If you take this route, it would be a 3 year + 3 year = 6 year package. Which means 3 years of diploma after 10th and 3 years of degree after diploma which would take 6 years. Either way both methods would take 6 years for graduation so no problem of year gap in either of the two.

After completing diploma you can directly apply for a job as a junior engineer      ( if you choose engineering ) or can opt for degree. Leaving IIT and NIT, you can get admission directly in the 2nd year of degree. In Mumbai, you can even get VJTI or Sardar Patel as college for degree. Degree colleges have certain amount of seats reserved for diploma students. Diploma students have a strong core and are ready with skills required.Take for example, in diploma 3rd year students have to make a major final year project as the final year degree students do.

So for whom is diploma for?

In short, if you want to go for engineering only than this is the best route.
But if you think that you mind might change and then 11th - 12th is the best route, as you can change for e.g.- If a science student wishes to do art, he can get admission.

(Note: This is an observation based on my experience, students must learn and educate themselves first before coming to a decision. )

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